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          Ethical standards and conduct guidelines. That might seem bureaucratic but it’s really how we keep the living community of St Hilda’s ticking along.

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          College handbook cover

          College Handbook

          As people who live together we rely on shared values and an agreed framework to maintain the wellbeing and safety of all St Hilda’s members. We’re big on personal responsibility - both to yourself and to others.

          All of the guidelines, practices and policies outlined in the College Handbook are designed
          to encourage:

          • honesty, integrity and mutual respect in relationships between all members
          • freedom from all forms of discrimination
          • the pursuit of and respect for high academic achievement
          • a climate of openness which encourages the expression of differing views
          • enthusiasm, flexibility and innovation
          • active participation in a community which encourages sporting and cultural activities
          • development of leadership skills
          • continued development of a pastoral and supportive community.

          As a resident you can access the College Handbook online at any time. Get the lowdown on everything from dinner times to computer access. Contents include:

          • Calendar of Events
          • College Organisation
          • Academic Life
          • Life beyond the Books
          • General Conduct
          • Policies and Regulations.
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          St Hilda's College
          19-25 College Crescent Parkville VIC 3052 Australia.

          St Hilda's College is a living community and residential college on campus at the University of Melbourne.

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